Publishing Ethics

All articles are reviewed for originality, ethics and significance.

Compliance with the standards of ethical behavior is important for all parties involved in the publication: authors, editors, reviewers, publishers.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

1.Decision on publication

1.1 The Editorial Board of reviewed journal "Science and Technology" is responsible for deciding which articles will be published in the journal. The decision is made on the basis of submitted article reviews

1.2 The Editorial Board follows policy of the journal and operates within the legal requirements, as it is responsible for copyright infringement. The editor may consult with other editors to make a decision.


2.1. Reviewers or any of the staff editorial staff must not disclose any information about submitted manuscript to anyone other than the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers and the publisher, as it is confidential.

3. Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

3.1. Unpublished materials contained in the submitted article should not be used by editor and reviewers in their own scientific research without the special written permission of the author.

Duties of reviewers

Reviewers assist the chief editor in making editorial decisions and help the author improve the work.

1. Confidentiality

1.1. Any manuscripts received for review must be considered as confidential documents. They can not be displayed or negotiated with other persons other than those authorized by the editors.

2.Confirmation of sources

2.1 Reviewers should identify the published work which was not cited by the author. Any statement that observation, the origin or argument previously been reported should be accompanied by the appropriate links. The reviewer should also bring to the attention of the editorial board to any substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript, which is reviewed, and the other already published work, which he is familiar.

3. Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

3.1 Private information and ideas that emerged in the review process should remain confidential and may not be used for personal gain. The reviewer should not consider the manuscript if there is a conflict of interest as a result of its competitive, partnerships or other relationships or connections with any of the authors, companies or entities associated with the material published.

Duties of authors

1. Originality and plagiarism

1.1. Authors must ensure that they have written entirely original work. If they used the work and/or words of other authors it should be mentioned and cited accordingly.

2. Access to the data and safety

2.1. The author must be willing to provide access to data related to the publication of material if possible. In any case the author should be ready to store such data for a reasonable period of time after publication.

3. Reusable, excess or a competing publication

3.1 The author does not have to publish works that describe essentially the same study, more than once or in more than one journal.

3.2 Provision of the manuscript to several journals at the same time is unethical publishing behavior of author and is unacceptable.

4. Confirmation of sources

4.1 It is necessary to provide proper acknowledgment of other authors. Contributors must cite the publications that have meaning during the implementation of work.

5. The authorship of the material

5.1 Authorship must be limited to those individuals who have made significant contributions to the conception, project, execution or interpretation of the claimed work. All who have made significant contributions should be included to the list of co-authors.

5.2 The author must ensure that the list of the authors contains only the actual authors and do not include any those who are not relevant to this work as well as the fact that all co-authors have read and approved the final version of the paper and agreed to its publication.

6. Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

6.1. All authors must disclose if their work has a financial or other conflict of interest that could affect the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

7. Errors in the published papers

7.1. When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his published work his duty is to immediately notify to the journal or publisher and cooperate with the editorial board for correcting errors.