Peer review

A blind peer review method is mandatory for processing of all scientific manuscripts submitted to the editorial stuff of "BIG DATA and Advanced Analytics Conference and EXPO" This implies that neither the reviewer is aware of the authorship of the manuscript, nor the author maintains any contact with the reviewer.

Review procedure includes the following steps:

1. Examination of the article by the executive secretary of the conference for compliance with the basic provisions of article publication requirements approved by the editorial board of the conference. Performed for no more than 3 days from receipt of the article to the editor.

2. The peer review carried out by experts of the corresponding profile, having a scientific degree of not less than doctors and the not having scientific, financial or any other relationship with the authors and editors of the conference. Selecting an external reviewer is made by editors. Reviewing articles done on a voluntary and free of charge. Review procedure is confidential. Reviewers are notified that the manuscript is the intellectual property of the authors and are reportedly not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for their needs. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of alleged inaccuracy or falsification of materials. Author of the paper under review is given an opportunity to read the text of the review.Approval of the content of conference by chief editor and / or deputy editor is made after the execution of technical layout of the issue before being sent to the printer.

The author has the opportunity to get acquainted with the layout of the article to confirm consent on its publication. Articles, modified or revised by the author, are-routed for additional review.

Not allowed to be published:

• Article shall not be issued in accordance with the requirements for publication and authors disclaim technical revision of the article.
• Articles by authors who do not comply with the constructive comments of the reviewer or arguments do not refute them.

Rejected articles after processing by authors have the right to resubmission them to the editorial board and considered in general terms.